Customer Engagement Solutions

Whisqr revolutionizes customer engagement with a complete spectrum of solutions.


Who We Are

We're the People Obsessed with Customer Engagement.

We're thinking about Customer Engagement when we wake up because we were thinking about it when we went to sleep. We eat, sleep and breathe customer engagement and, luckily, we have very understanding families.

What We Do

We Provide Tools to Increase the Success of Your Business

The Whisqr Customer Engagement Platform provides businesses and brands with a suite of Loyalty and Loyalty Integrated Membership Programs and Services. Easily create a program for your own business carrying your own branding, or resell our platform to other businesses as your own.


A Solution to Suit Your Business

Select one of our services, below, to find out more about what we can offer your business or brand.



How many ways can your customers demonstrate their loyalty?

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Isn't being a part of something better when there's benefits?

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Maybe you don't need a loyalty or membership program for your business… but you have clients that do.

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