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Frequently asked questions

What are the limitations to the free version?

The free version has all the features you need to build a successful Loyalty Program for your new business. The free version is limited to 200 active customers (defined as customers who have used their card within the past 6 months). Free program support is limited.

Additionally, there are a few features (such as our API, used to integrate with other software) which are only available with paid subscriptions.

How does my customer experience Whisqr?

Customers present their Punch Card to an employee and the employee “punches” the card.

The card may be physical (paper or plastic) or Mobile (i.e. a virtual card saved to a phone or tablet).  But whatever kind of card the customer is using; the employee punches the customer’s card using a Puncher app on a phone or tablet.  Employees can also look customers up and punch their card even if the customer doesn’t have their card with them.

Unlike traditional punch cards; your customer can be rewarded for several “profitable customer behaviours” beyond those which classic punch cards are able.  Managers also have access to insightful, actionable reporting.

For customer interactions through a POS System, website or mobile app, Whisqr has an API which can be used to integrate our platform with your business.  This also provides the means to reward customers based on purchase value and almost anything else you can imagine.

What do we get if we subscribe?

Our subscription (paid) version allows a business to include more than 200 active customers, provides access to system add-ons, such as the API, and delivers priority support.

Also; we offer paper and plastic card subscription packages where we will supply your business with cards and design services as part of your subscription at no additional charge, and will send you shipments of cards whenever you need them.

Please note that our card packages are restricted to businesses with fewer than 3000 active customers.  If your business has more than this number in your loyalty program; we will provide your business with a custom package with adjusted pricing.

Do we have to join a network?


We don’t believe it’s worth the risk of exposing your customers to your competitors.

With Whisqr Loyalty; your business gets your own loyalty program; with a focus on your business’s name, branding and offers.  We don’t make your customers join a Whisqr branded network, or show ads to your customers from your competitors.  We do our best to never come between you and your customers.  Your program is your own and we see our role solely as a facilitator; whose job it is to build better relationships between your business and your customers.

Can we measure and track how effective our program is?

Yes. We have very insightful reporting available to every business.

Also; if you see a need for a report that we are not currently providing, let us know. If the report you suggest is something that we agree businesses would benefit from; we will happily prioritize the report and get it out to you, probably in the next update.

What kind of support does Whisqr provide?

At Whisqr, we aim to have the first person you speak with, be the person most qualified to help you. We employ a Support Request system where you tell us the type of issue you are experiencing and how you would like to be helped. Then we connect you with an expert to get you the exact help that you need.

The free, Do-It-Yourself version of our program offers no direct support, although we encourage you to report issues you may experience though our support contact form.

Does Whisqr use customers’ mobile phones, or physical cards?

Either. Our approach is to be as inclusive as possible, and to remove barriers to participation. We know that there are many people who still prefer to use physical cards, especially in certain industries, and that businesses benefit from providing customers with a choice.

We offer both paper and plastic card subscription packages, where we offer design services and will send your business shipments of cards whenever you need them, at no additional cost.  If your business is using the free business offering, or our mobile only offering, you can upload artwork and then download print files which can be used to print cards yourself, either on your own printer or using a print service.

That said; our robust mobile experience offers greater engagement and customer benefits, and we will encourage your customers that are using paper or plastic card to transition to using their mobile devices.  

How many cards do we get if we get a card subscription?

We will send you cards whenever you need more; as long as your number of active customers remains below 3000.

If your business has more active customers than our standard package; we would be happy to provide you with custom pricing when/if you need it.

Our paper and plastic card subscription packages include both design services and card printing/manufacturing at no additional charge.

Can Whisqr help with our Card Designs?

Yes; card design services are included with your paper or plastic card subscription.

Our expert designers will lend their considerable experience and help you create a beautiful and functional card design for your business.  You send us any design assets and branding that you want to appear on your card, and we will present you with custom designs for your approval.  As soon as you approve a design we will send you your first card shipment.  You are also welcome to request new designs for any future shipment.

The back side of the card is reserved for instructions and a QR code and URL, unique to each customer, but the front side of the card can use any design that your business chooses.

Can Whisqr work with our existing systems?

Very Likely.

Whisqr, in its most basic form, works like a traditional punch card system, which many brick-and-mortar businesses have used alongside cash registers and payment systems for decades.  But we also provide businesses that subscribe to our paid packages with an API which can be used to integrate Whisqr with POS systems, websites and mobile apps.

For more information about our API; check out our API documentation.

We also have simple-to-use “widgets” that you can add to your website, Mailchimp integration and customer data exports which you can use to communicate with your customers outside of our platform, and a “Storefront” app, which you can use to advertise your program, specials and events, and provide an additional means for customers to register for your program at your locations.

Do you provide promotional display materials?

We provide access to three types of customized promotional display posters, which you can download and print, as well as something that we call the “Storefront”. This is a web-based app which you can display on a tablet in-store, and which advertises your program, specials and events, and provides customers with an additional means to sign up for your program directly.

The posters are provided to you in a format that is editable and can be customized if needed.

What kinds of things can I reward customers for?

Whisqr is built around our concept of “Profitable Customer Behaviours”; where you can reward your customers for doing the things that profit your business and promote customer engagement.  You choose which behaviours you want to encourage in your customers and benefit your business.

Your business can reward customers for visits or spending, but you can also choose to reward customers for doing things like returning regularly, or after a long abence, for bringing friends or coworkers, for visiting locations which the customer has never visited before, for purchasing specials, or sharing them on Facebook, and more.

Can Whisqr help us communicate with our customers?

Yes. Not only can Whisqr communicate directly with your customers (e.g. if you choose to reward customers to return after a long absence, we will communicate with those customers automatically), but you can also export your list of registered customers for your own use, or integrate your Whisqr account with MailChimp to send broadcasts directly to your customers whenever you need to.

Do you charge more for businesses that have more than one location?

No.  Whisqr has functionality specifically designed to help businesses with more than one location, but we do not charge more for locations.

Can we use Whisqr to run a Paid Membership program?

Yes. We have a subscription membership option.

Your organization can set your own terms (e.g. Monthly, Yearly) and you can charge any amount. We handle all of the billing for you, sending your members email receipts and other notifications, and periodically pay out membership dues directly into your organization’s bank account.
Our membership option is available to businesses located in the following countries:

Australia Australia Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Canada Canada Denmark Denmark Finland Finland France France Germany Germany Hong Kong Hong Kong Ireland Ireland Italy Italy Japan Japan Luxembourg Luxembourg Netherlands Netherlands New Zealand New Zealand Norway Norway Portugal Portugal Singapore Singapore Spain Spain Sweden Sweden Switzerland Switzerland United Kingdom United Kingdom United States United States

Please contact us for further information about our paid membership offering.

Can we use your software to sell programs to other businesses.


Whisqr offers a “white label program” option that we call Whisqr Blanc.  With Whisqr Blanc you can completely rebrand and customize our platform and sell it to businesses on your own terms, at your own rates.

We will work with you to brand, restyle and will host the software on your behalf, and provide you with software updates as we get them ourselves.  Our only restriction is that the server side software must be managed by us, as our software is propriatery, but you will otherwise have full control over your program.

Click here for more information about our Whisqr Blanc white label program.

Who owns our customer data?

You Do.  And your Customers.

Our attitude towards your customer’s data is that it belongs to your business (and your customers). All businesses can export their entire list of registered customers, along with their punch and contact information, at any time.

Also; we do not sell your data.  We do use some third party services, such as Google Analytics, to better understand how people are using our platform, but we do not share data for the purposes of advertising.  We make our money by providing our paid subscription packages to our business customers.  Period.  And we do not ask for information that we do not have a clear reason for collecting, for the purposes of identification and personalization.